Noval coronavirus have led Architects towards noval ideas for survival. 
This emergency, pandemic, lockdown, social distancing must not distance our thoughts or lock our ideas to plan for a better, brighter futuristic homes, office space and retail designs. 
This is the time to …
Realize dreams
Reboot confidence
Recharge potential
Reach out for challenges.
We take this initiative to help and guide you through our articles/ blogs where you will be reassured of tremendous tips that will allow one to be more flexible and resilient in how we design our home,work place in near future.
Our approach is an attempt to reach out to every client and make them revisit new strategic ways to improvise their living styles and comforts , a fight against this hour of uncertainty.
Concept and proposal by 
Ar. Manish Kainth
Delhi based Architect and Interior designer
Compiled and written by
 Ar. Rachna Tiwari.
IIT Patna based free lance Architect and consultant.

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