Safed human life by removing encroachment of houses built

near very high tension lines with the help of administration

(Bureau Office)

Jabalpur (SAI). A new initiative has been taken by MP Transco, removing illegal constructions below & near the line which have become a threat to human life at Gadarwara area. Generally M.P. Transco have to take the help of the local administration for illegal construction removal but even after giving continuous notices and requests to the concerned, the constructions built under and near the high tension lines are not removed on time, due to which there is a possibility of accidents.

On last 29 and 30 April, regular tripping occurred on 132 K.V Gadarwara-Pondar Extra High Tension line ,While scrutinizing the fault information, it was found that the top portion of two persons building (spread area of steel sheets and rods) which were in the range of conductor swing during thunderstorms,these Tripping had occurred. After that, the work of giving notice to both the persons once again on May 04 and its written information was also given to the local administration and municipality Gadarwara that the continuous risk arising out of unauthorized construction in the encroachment area of the upper portion of the house (ROW) .There will be a strong possibility of loss of life and property.

Such action will be taken in entire Madhya Pradesh

Chief Engineer of MP Transco Mr. S.K. Gaikwad told that like Gadarwara, this action will be taken after getting the cooperation of the administration and the people living in dangerous residential houses unauthorizedly constructed under high tension lines of entire Madhya Pradesh.

Transco expressed gratitude to the administration

  1. Transco has been continuously giving notices to alert the administration and residents about the possibility of such accidents. After removal of unauthorised construction under & near 132 KV Gadarwara -Pondar line ,M.P. Transco not only provided security to the citizens living there but also started a new tradition of removing encroachments with the help of the administration by taking their own initiative. Mr. Gaikwad has expressed gratitude on behalf of Transco to Administration.